The cost of waste disposal depends on many parameters including:

  1. Waste name/composition.
  2. Amount of waste.
  3. Waste location/remoteness.
  4. Reagent condition.
  5. Hazard class.
  6. Packed / unpacked.
  7. Single or regular order.
  8. Acidity (pH).
  9. Inaccessibility (depth, poor access to the waste collection location).
  10. Necessity to collect waste.
  11. Necessity in additional equipment for waste collection.

As you can see, individual approach is necessary to estimate the cost of waste disposal accurately. Our managers may calculate the cost by assessing several parameters. If these parameters prove to be insufficient, we will send an expert to the waste storage site to determine waste parameters and then to calculate the total cost. Call us, and we will help you.

We dispose of almost all types of waste generated by industrial facilities including oil-containing, solvents, acids, alkalis, galvanic waste, paint-and-varnish waste, chemical reagents, unmarketable foodstuff, food processing waste, construction waste and many other, except radioactive ones.

Each type of waste is disposed of using a specific technique. For example, oil slurries are disposed of by dumping at landfills, dehydration, thermal and chemical methods, etc. Galvanic waste is disposed of by leaching of heavy metal ions using sulphuric acid or bonding with inert substances. Paint-and-varnish waste is incinerated using special equipment. Hence, in order to determine the disposal method for your waste, you need to contact our company where you will receive detailed answers to your questions.

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