DSL-2010 LLC carries out its activities on the basis of a license issued pursuant to Order No. 301 of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources dated 09 August 2017 “On the Issue of Licenses”.

DSL-2010 LLC renders services related to collection, storage, processing, and destruction (disposal) of liquid waste, namely:


  • shipboard waste
  • oil/water, hydrocarbon/water mixtures, emulsions
  • galvanic sludge


DSL-2010 LLC disposes of wastes using a UT3000DTS incinerator featuring gas after-treatment system operated by qualified staff. Therefore, it may fulfil orders quickly, efficiently, and safely providing video evidence of the works performed and all necessary documents.

All works (including waste collection) are carried out in compliance with the safety regulations and Ukrainian environmental legislation.

The cost of the services depends on the waste types and their amounts and is discussed with the customer individually.

In addition, our company can transport waste under separate agreements concluded with our customers.