Disposal of hazardous waste, poor quality and expired products, precursors, pharmaceuticals

The reality dictates quick life rhythm, increased consumption of goods and services, and, as a result, increase of production and household waste per capita. As a result, spontaneous dumps are created in Ukraine on a massive scale and official landfills become overfilled. The latter’s technical condition deteriorates and they need expensive renovation and replacement of old equipment. The number of potential disposal sites decreases and they are simply absent in large cities. In addition, waste storage and disposal at landfills causes toxicological contamination with microorganisms and disease vectors (rats). The soil is poisoned with dangerous infiltration and atmospheric air — with unpleasant odour and smoke from frequent spontaneous combustion. In turn, this situation adversely affects the state of land and water resources, atmosphere, flora and fauna as well as human health.

The activity of DSL-2010 LLC is aimed at modern, safe, environmentally-friendly and high-quality solution of the waste handling problem in Ukraine.

DSL-2010 LLC holds a license authorizing it to carry out economic activities related to handling of hazardous waste issued pursuant to Order No. 301 of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources on 09 August 2017 “On the Issue of Licenses” and a license to acquire, store, transport, and destruct drugs, psychotropic substances, and precursors issued by the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control on 22 September 2016 (Ref. No. 308), and a manufacturing certificate Ref. No. UAЗ.033.0269-16 issued by Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and registered in register of UkrSEPRO Certification System on 13 July 2016.

DSL-2010 LLC destructs wastes using a UT3000DTS incinerator featuring gas after-treatment system operated by qualified staff. Therefore, it may fulfil orders quickly, efficiently, and safely providing video evidence of the works performed and all necessary documents.

All works are carried out in compliance with the safety regulations and Ukrainian environmental legislation.

Convenient location allows us to collaborate with customers from different parts of Ukraine saving money and time to transport waste. Meanwhile, our company can satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients since it performs all the works on a turnkey basis and also accepts virtually any type of waste for disposal. Therefore, there is no need to conclude many agreements with various contractors and intermediaries. Besides, DSL-2010 LLC is the final waste operator, so the cost of the services is minimal.

Engaging us is the best decision you can make that will contribute to the green future!